MSGM is a fashion brand born in 2009 and founded by Massimo Giorgetti in partnership with the Paoloni Group. Interpreting the latest trends in a kaleidoscopic and artsy dimension, MSGM is a free spirit, with a vocation for all that is immediate and cutting-edge.
'Never look back, it's all ahead' is the brand's mission: the ability to speak to the present has made MSGM one of the most acclaimed brands of today's fashion scene.

For the first time in Italy, MSGM introduces a contemporary fashion offer, combining streetwear with tailoring and femininity, and an innovative use of logos.
In 2010 'Vogue Talents' enlists MSGM as one of the best emerging names in the industry and the brand is shortlisted for the new talents competition 'Who's on next'.
Conceived as a neo-minimalist space, the first flagship store opens its doors 2013 in Milan, in the heart of the Brera District, defining the retail format which will then be exported all over the world.


2015 means new store openings in Hong Kong and Dubai and a new shop in shop in Singapore, inside the Takashimaya Mall. In 2016, MSGM's retail network gets bigger with 5 new locations: Tokyo, a second store in Dubai, Hong Kong and Beijing.
2017 has been an important year for MSGM, which has expanded further in Asia with the opening of its first store in Shangai and a new space in Seoul, besides its first Italian corner inside La Rinascente department store in Milan.

Colors. Patterns. Details. Shapes.
Contaminations from the urban and sportswear worlds, Made in Italy with an international vision.
This is MSGM: four letters, a message that's loud and clear, a relentless wind of pure energy.


Artistic influences and a strong ability in reading the present come together in Massimo Giorgetti, which after years in retail and consulting decides to launch the MSGM project, inspired by the name of band MGMT.
The passion for indie music always accompanies Massimo's creative process, which draws from the contemporary zeitgeist in all its multifaceted expressions. Growing up in Rimini in the years of beach and club culture, he is capable of mixing the most diverse inputs and harmonizing them in a youthful and individual aesthetic. Colors and prints burst out as a visual expression of rhythmic accents and scattered beats.
An insatiable collector, at the helm of MSGM he launches several collaborations between art and fashion, with names such as Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Nico Vascellari and Henry Hussey.
In 2017 he launches the brand's Spotify channel with a personal playlist, he collaborates with design names such as Molteni&Co, he sponsors the exhibition 'The Verve: Photographs by Chris Floyd' at Art Bermondsey Project Space in London.
While MSGM continues to grow exponentially, Massimo's future projects are just as eclectic and unpredictable as his own personality.